Cool Summer Dresses with my Art!

Looking for super cool, colorful, unique summer dresses? I just recorded a one minute video with some of my art for you. — Well I recorded it, modeled, directed, edited, lit, and music-ed it, haha.

Hope you enjoy it! And if you want to see more of my wearable art, here’s the link to my wearable art website. If you like you can order any of these dresses here!

The fabric is so yummy!! Super comfortable, smooth, wrinkle free, packable, washable, and surprisingly cool in the summer! I’m Pitta, and tend to be fairly miserable in the humid heat. But wearing these cool dresses or breezy Palazzo pants with a t-shirt I feel cool as a cucumber!

Let me know what you think! You’ll be like a celebrity, wearing super cool, comfy, and unique, colorful wearable art this summer!