Hi, I'm Ulrike.

I'm a highly intuitive, highly trained and experienced energy healer specializing in Healing Voice Yoga to enliven the total YOU.

In addition to practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 40 years, and being a TM teacher for almost 30 years, I also have 20 years training in energy healing and healing voice techniques.

Over the past 20 years I've given intuitive, personal healing sessions to hundreds of clients.

Anything from health concerns, change of profession, relationship issues, life style, living location, and many other questions: if you're not 100% happy in your life the way it is right now, I may be able to help you get the life you want.

My training 20 years ago involves the following 3 vital components:

1) Energy Healing according to Dr. Balraj Maharshi, one of the three foremost Ayurvedic experts, and a highly gifted and successful energy healer himself. I studied under the guidance of his private student Amsheva Malani, and got certified in all 5 levels of Jyoti Atman, or Cellular Repatterning.

In each healing we remove the subtle, old patterns that are no longer in your Highest Good, and manifest new patterns in alignment with who you are.

2) The physical component to make it concrete is a specifically developed form of Meridian tapping.  This signals the body to let go of the old and welcome the new and helpful.

3) Finally, to integrate everything into your physiology, subtle and gross, we use Healing Voice Yoga I developed over the past 20 years. Hundreds of clients have found it to be profoundly powerful to create balance and revive their energy. It integrates what got cleared out, and manifested into the body, and makes it real.

With these simple, yet super effective tools, together we will tune in and look at everything from your health, energy, change in life situation, relationship concern, what to do with your life, where to go to school, how to spend the rest of your life, your strengths and your path in this life.

You will also have the opportunity to learn these techniques, so you are self sufficient and able to attend to your own well-being and healing any time you wish to.



I'm a trained classical/opera singer, and I've taught voice to hundreds of students for 20 years. My lessons are fun, holistic, fast, and effective.

Caveat: If you're looking for someone who just sits at the piano playing the same song over and over, while you stand there awkwardly, with sweaty palms, afraid to mess up, then I am NOT for you!

But: If you want someone who's right there with you, moves with you, has you laugh, walk, skip, do yoga, all while you free your voice and feel, maybe for the first time, the full, amazing power of your own voice, then come on over! I can't wait for you to make that discovery and be on your way to the voice of your dreams!


I have a smile on my face and feel really grounded. These tools get me feeling so good. They are fabulous for singing, acting, communication, and total life style." Shannon M., N.Y. City

I’m taking lessons with Ulrike Selleck and she is amazing!!! So accomplished and sooo much fun! I LOVE HER!!!" Luca P., Theater Student

Singing with Ulrike taught me more in one lesson than I learned in weeks from other teachers. She gave me clear, concrete steps to follow to continue improving my voice. She helped me tap into a potential I did not know I had. I hope many students find their way to her, because she is the teacher that I would hope for any blossoming singer to have." Phoebe C., Student

Thank you for your dedicated coaching and getting us ready for our performance! We learned a lot and had a really happy time practicing with you." G.S., and S. N., Students

In my time with Ulrike I experienced great expansion of vocal range and the heart. My vocal ability skyrocketed in my time with her. Her bubbly, infectious personality nurtured a safe environment to explore self expression." Marina McK., 21, Performer

Ulrike teaches wonderful and profound tools to open up my voice - both for singing and for positive communication in general. This allows my body to relax, open up and get energized, balancing my emotions and allowing stresses to melt away. I love taking lessons from Ulrike, both for my choir preparations and my daily life!" C.T., Mother, Entrepreneur

Ulrike’s voice and body workshop is so much more than that–it is an engaging,  motivational message packaged in an enriching way that will empower any student. It is packed with techniques for singing and acting, yet creatively influences one’s livelihood as well. Kevin Hosbond, Speech and English teacher, IHSSA coach 


Sing Yourself Well

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