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I’m bursting with enthusiasm to sing the praises of Ulrike Selleck’s innovative, new book Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds. Ulrike’s book is illuminating, joy filled, and fascinating. Brimming with heart pumping anecdotes, scientific insights, and infectious zeal, Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds is for everyone longing to let their heart sing, their insights manifest, and their body align with the beauty of their inner essence.” Philip Tomlinson


Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds” is a captivating book which enthusiastically explains how to use the full potential of your voice. It’s an easy-to-read one-of-a-kind page turner.” Sheila Moschen


This is a great book and online course for those that want to feel good quickly and easily without a lot of hard to learn, boring exercises. Ulrike uses her vast knowledge and experience to create an easily accessible way to feel better fast. She lays out why we need to use our breath, voice and body to gain maximum wellness in body and mind. Plus, the techniques are fun! Her experiences and stories are a big bonus and will probably resonate with you and inspire you to Sing Yourself Well.” M. Schroeder


If you have any desire to be well, GET THIS BOOK! Ulrike is tapped in…SO right on! All I have to say is, this book ROCKS!” Carolyn Meyer


“With her Sing Yourself Well online course Ulrike has giving me the last missing piece.” Gloria Wendroff, Author, Heavenletters


I find that Ulrike’s ​much needed ​​”​Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds​”​ ​system​ is a new, wonderful and profound tool to open up my voice – both for singing and for positive communication in general. It allows my body to relax and to open up, so that my energy can flow freely. This energizes my whole body, balances my emotions and allows stresses to gently float away. I love it, both for my choir preparations and for my daily life! And I love that it​’​s such a quick re-balancing tool which you can use any time​,​ anywhere – thank you, Ulrike!” C.F.T., mother, singer, editor


Ulrike Selleck has written a fun, easy to read book that shows anyone how to open up from within and express the beauty of their inner voice. Her background is in music–she grew up in Germany singing and performing — her mother was a music teacher. She became a classical opera singer/diva. I’ve enjoyed her in concert and on DVD, having witnessed the power she has over an audience. All you need to do is follow Ulrike’s simple instructions and you can cultivate your voice and more freedom of expression. If you are like me and need grounding and more authentic communication skills, 7 seconds is all it takes! Or if you want breath to express more freely, you might find this book helpful. Because studies show that disease results from bottling up emotion, it makes sense that complete expression through voice and singing is healing. A few easy, simple steps that Ulrike sets forth in this book are all you need. Thanks so much.” LCM, Germantown, MD


This break through book lays out the reasons why we don’t sing and why we should, and a simple, yet effective 7 second system to feeling vital, joyful and connected to the very source of your being. It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer or not (I’m not), or even if you have any desire to sing – I believe everyone can benefit from this unique technique. The book’s entertaining and punchy style is very enjoyable and an easy read with easy to follow instructions (with pictures). It includes a captivating personal story of how the author not only overcomes thyroid cancer through “finding her voice”, but how, despite the challenges, she goes on to become a powerful opera singer.” Teresa Mullan Frease, Practitioner of Z-Acu-Therapy, LMT. Austin, TX


Your book is very enjoyable. I haven’t fully read it yet from beginning to end. (But will do so soon!) But I scanned through it and read here and there and saw that you are very thorough in explaining and giving sophisticated advice, but also that the book is really blissful and enjoyable and also really cute and not that deadly serious and a to do program with the drawings and photos. If I ever bought a book on singing, it would be- and actually it was!!!- this one. I am more the type for science books and, to be honest, I was actually advised to buy the book, so I did. But then I recognized that this book makes me giggle and it warms and nourishes my heart!! However, I also saw there is a lot of knowledge and technical advice in it too and “feeling well in 7 seconds” – as the subtitle promises – is an offer to take!! I am overcoming my laziness because the book is seductive.” Margot Suettman


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