Q&A: What Do You Sound Like When Singing?

Someone asked this question:

“What Do You Sound Like When Singing?”


I sound like an opera singer. Or a cute, tiny bird. Or a full of himself gorilla. Or a crooner, jazz singer or rapper… It all depends on how I feel and what I want to do with my voice. How I want to express what feels right and good in that moment.

That’s why I am so BIG on first developing your full voice. Then you have every single flavor available and at your disposal, and can express what you feel like singing.

Like going to a restaurant. First you look over the entire menu before you choose what you’re in the mood for.

Much less fun always eating the same item on the menu, just because you don’t know what else is available, or your body can’t eat anything else, right?

So, develop your full vocal potential, in a quick, easy, holistic way. Then choose what you want to sing, or how you want to sound or express yourself in every moment.

Here’s a sample:

And here’s another (silly one):

See? Different voice depending on what you want to sing, do, or be!

Be well, and Sing Yourself Well!


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