Good question, and something we can all learn to do, whether we’re “singers” or not!

In daily life we use just about 20% of our breath and voice. It is very possible that many of the ailments today can be traced to that fact. After all, not using 80% of a faculty we’ve been given could result in a more constricted energy.

Starting to use your full range of breath and voice can not only feel good to you, thrill your audience, since it gives you so many more tones and therefore emotions to express yourself with, — but it can also possibly make you healthier.

So here goes:

  1. To increase your vocal range start by making sure your foundation is set up well. That means your breath support is engaged, your posture is aligned and effortlessly straight, and your jaw is loose.
  2. Yawn. That’s right. Pretend this whole thing is so easy-peasy that you’re bored silly. As soon as you yawn, MEMORIZE that feeling of the BEGINNING of your yawn. THAT is what creates the openness you need in order to sing a larger range of notes.
  3. Bend your knees slightly, about hip-wide apart. Breathe in gently through your nose. Lift the space behind the upper molars (inner smile). Engage your tummy muscles. Open into the yawn. Hold your breath for a second. Now exhale gently going down from the lift of the yawn. From as high as is comfortable to as low as you can go. Here’s a good video with a great exercise.

Once you have effortlessly played around with sirening down, learn to expand your vocal range going up as well. Going down is always easier.

Then, bit by bit see if you can slow down the siren, and eventually sing individual notes, both going down and going up. The next step is to expand from your middle range, to whatever note you want. ALWAYS making sure you support (1) are open (2) and effortlessly send the notes where you need them (3).

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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