Remember the magic of Christmas you felt as a child?

The twinkling lights, straw stars, the scent of pine needles and burning candles in the air, mysteriously wrapped presents under the tree, chocolate treats, parents whispering, handling ornaments with care – sometimes with less care – and all the excitement of getting ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.

Many of us are a lot older now but this is something many of us still feel at this time. I know I do.

Now we finally know how our parents must feel… The heart feels so warm and youthful, the mind carries beautiful memories, and we want to go with that, run with that.

And yet, all too often the body and sometimes the mind won’t cooperate the way we want. Maybe breathing is more labored, movements are slower, body aches appear out of seemingly nowhere, there’s less energy, and maybe even less joy.

Here’s the good news: (In all Caps!!)


Here’s the thing. As we get older we tend to – again, TEND TO – breathe less fully, walk and sit more hunched, be less active, and use our voice less and less fully.

Exercise helps. Yoga is great. Meditation a blessing. Walking essential. Eating nutritious, natural foods, a given.

And yet:

  • Do you know that 15 millions adults in the US alone suffer from depression?
  • Over 40 millions in the US have anxiety.
  • Many more adults than ever before become incapacitated as they age.
  • Plus: we live longer than ever before.
  • Did you also know that as the average adult, we only use about 20% of our voice and breath in daily life?

What if there’s a connection?!

Most of our education does not equip us early on how to handle our body, breath, and voice well. Or how to use our full potential – vocal, lung, physical, mental, and emotional.

You can read more here.

Eventually I’m hoping Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds changes the way education is handled. If our kids learn early on how to use their full voice and breath, they’ll know who they are, stand up for themselves, and are more in tune with what they want and need to do in life.

All this will result in kids having more time to play, spend less time on homework, be physically stronger, able to learn real stuff, including how to use their full breath and voice so they can be themselves more fully and consciously throughout their entire life as adults.

Back to you and your loved ones: If you’re not a child of school age, but a grown adult, and either you or someone close to you is getting on in years and wants to stay healthy, fit, happy, and have great energy, then please check out my book Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds.

In it I explain why we often don’t use our full voice, why we absolutely must, which seven qualities are essential for good physical, mental, and emotional health, and how to make them manifest in your body in as little as 7 seconds,¬†so you can get the health and wellness benefits of using your own full voice and breath.

Now this is what I call the perfect gift!

I wish you great health, happiness, vitality and ease!

Much love, dear ones, during this beautiful holiday season.

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