Feels Like Coming Home

Ulrike Selleck

Today, this Guru Purnima, I gratefully share my story of how Meditation allowed me to sing – eventually

The reason I was even able to start singing in my thirties, was this, the beginning of turning my life around, inward, towards where I live, towards who I am, and what I need to express in this life. I can not even imagine my life without this blessing of TM (Transcendental Meditation), which I have practiced now for 40 years. Here is the full article.

Before I even mention what a life-changer TM has been, you have to know something about me.

When I was 5 years old, I had a profound spiritual experience that became my reference point for everything else; an inner experience of a state of calm, bliss, and expansion unlike any other. In a moment when I least expected it, I felt like I was home. Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to long for; just total fullness, peace, and bliss.

The experience didn’t last. I continued my young life with the confinements and limitations of a small child. But ever since then, I deeply yearned for that experience of expansion again.

As a little girl, I was so shy that that inner calm and bliss had been a most welcome relief.

I continued being introverted as a teenager, but I wanted nothing more than to be back with that experience of peace and fullness. I just didn’t know how!

The Feeling I Had Been Longing for All Those Years

Then, at 20, as a student…. Continue reading here.