Your Mood Shows in Your Voice. Now Heal it with Your Voice!

Research has shown that our emotions are reflected in our voice. In my book Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds, I make the case for reversing this scenario of cause of effect:

Start with your breath and voice and change your emotions! 

Researcher Margaret Lech: “I can tell with my patients on the phone, sometimes after only a few words, how they are going. You can hear a flatness, a tension coming through. The voice changes very dramatically when they are depressed…” Continue reading here.

According to studies people experiencing depression have a fundamentally different voice from people who are happy and content. Their voice is more monotonous, mirroring the state of seeming hopelessness they feel inside.

You can see that the condition and tone of our voice are altered by how we feel.

Our voice communicates who we are and how we feel at any given moment. And our breath embodies who we allow ourselves to be.

So what is it about the voice that allows us to express such a huge range of emotions?

It turns out each tone has a different frequency, and requires different amounts and qualities of breath. So, for example, if you feel sad, your voice will reflect that state according to the quality and density of your breath, and the frequency and quality of your tone.

But here comes the magic: you aren’t helpless!

You can take control of your breath, your voice and, along with it, your emotions! How? By starting from the other end!

If your voice expresses your emotions, taking control of your voice can alter your emotions. All in a natural, effortless way, long forgotten, and sadly never taught in schools today.

You can actually breathe the full potential of your breath, allow yourself to be the person you want to be and express the tones of this new person you are becoming, all with your voice.

The result? You’ll feel different—freer, more empowered, healthier and happier. When you naturally culture your real, unique, full voice, you’re able to choose from a veritable smorgasbord of tools and emotions already at your disposal, even now.

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