Why do Opera Singers get Standing Ovations in Reality Shows?

Did you ever watch one of those talent shows? Everyone gets a kind of “meh” reaction from both, audience and judges, and when the next unassuming, average looking person standing on the stage opens her/his mouth, and out comes an operatic sound, they all go wild?

Interesting observation. This may very well be a non-rational reaction on their part. I’ve gotten plenty of goosebumps from the occasional non-opera singer.

But it is true, when a regular human opens her or his mouth and breaks into “opera”, or at least classical singing, it can evoke that reaction.

My own reaction is a sigh of relief.


Having studied opera and classical singing for a couple of decades now, and having performed for almost ten-thousand people — not bragging, just stating, to show my opinion is based on actual experience — I literally FEEL how they produce their sound: the ease of vocal production in their body (no hoarseness or straining of the throat), the (almost) full use of their lungs (rather than the 20% most of us use in daily life), the huge range of their voice spanning several octaves seemingly effortlessly, and the strength and athletic use of their total body.

The whole thing is a holistic vocal production — as well as a holistic experience for the listener.

And the thing is — if you’ve been following me AT ALL, you know that I’m passionate about this — every single one of us has been given such a voice!

Now, you may not want to BE an opera singer. You may not even LIKE opera. And you don’t have to. Just use your voice and breath fully every now and then.

After all, are you an Olympic athlete? Do you want to become one? Most likely not. But you still use your full body to dance, swim, walk, run, exercise, play ball, and work out, right?

Same with our voice. We ALL have been given the gift of a full set of lungs and vocal range.

Learn to use yours fully, take lessons, watch my 3 minute video here, ideally get my online course — and watch the magic unfold. Do it for just a few minutes a day, and it will have such great benefits for your health and happiness!

After all, depression, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and obesity — all are symptoms of a constricted energy.

Using your full voice and breath releases this energy, creates flow where there was none, and makes you feel so good!

My hunch is THAT is what the judges — and for that matter the audience — are reacting to. We all instinctively FEEL that this is all of our full potential. And when we hear it unexpectedly, it can literally bring tears to our eyes.

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