Seriously. When?

“Be quiet,” “Not so loud,” “Keep your voice down.” Have you heard any of these? Well, it’s time to move on from those old, dead-wrong instructions!

Our society has never encouraged us to be loud, speak up, voice our opinion, or make noise. Whether the government, religious institutions, the medical establishment, or even our educational system, none seem to be particular keen on you using your full voice.

But guess what? It’s your birth right!

You are serving no one, least of all yourself by staying quiet, collapsed, with a shrunken energy in your body. And don’t even get me started about this energy sooo NOT serving our world! Not right now. Not anymore!

Our world NEEDS you, exactly the way you are!

You need You exactly the way you are. Your health, your happiness, your relationships–all may just depend on you finding and expressing your full voice!

Just because you’re not a singer doesn’t mean you don’t need your full voice in your life! Just like even though you’re not an athlete, doesn’t mean you don’t need to use your full body!!! (How’s that for two sets of triple negatives in a sentence? Haha, sorry.)

You see what I mean? Just LOOK at the health issues of today: Depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease–all are expressions of a constricted energy!

So please do yourself, your health, happiness, your family, and your partner a favor and learn how to use your full voice. You have it, so find it and express it. Start today! The world will be a better place for it!

Be well, and Sing Yourself Well!

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