“What Software Can I Use to Learn to Sing? Is there something I can measure my pitch against and improve my singing?”


I like your question. Not sure this is what you want to hear. But since others may benefit from it, here’s my two cents:

Yes, it’s important to have great pitch, especially IF what you aim for is performing. There really ain’t a singer out there who’d get standing ovations without that!

That said, if pitch is the only thing that’s in place, those ovations are going to be just as elusive. Why?

In order to get the accolades we all yearn for, and feel really great in our body, with our singing, and in our life in general, we need to start at the base.

In my 17 years of teaching I’ve discovered 3 main pillars that are non-negotiable when it comes to freeing your unique voice. Here they are:

In order to be successful as a singer you must attend to three areas:

1) YOUR AWARENESS: You must KNOW WHO you are. In the biggest possible sense.

· When you do, you’ll feel self-confident, empowered, and free.

· Stage fright is a thing of the past.

· You’ll be authentically YOU, instead of comparing yourself, feeling you’re not (good) enough, or trying to imitate someone else.

2) YOUR BODY: You must BUILD your instrument/voice

· When you do, you’ll feel expanded, strong, invincible, yet flexible.

· The days of hurting your voice are over.

· You’ll have a voice you can rely on, no matter what.

3) YOUR UNIQUE SOUND: You must know how to PLAY your instrument/voice

· When you do, your voice creates beautiful, consistent and EFFORTLESSLY supported sounds your audience enjoys.

· Guess work is replaced with a fail-proof system to fall back on.

· You’ll have a voice that’s your own most powerful healing instrument.

Here are two resources I offer: My book, which you can order at Amazon:

Sing Yourself Well: How to FREE Your VOICE and Change Your LIFE: Ulrike Selleck: 9780997849103: Books

Then here’s my accompanying online course. Basic. Inspiring. Powerful. For singers and non-singers.:

Sing Yourself Well Now —

Yes. Get that pitch software, by all means. But maybe what’s even more important as you look at your life a few years from now is this:

Make your dreams come true. Follow through. Stop doing same old, same old. That will only result in the same. Take action today. Sing yourself well right now, and get started on a whole new voice today. Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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