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  • An introvert, or you're shy and want more confidence
  • Depressed, anxious, get sick too often, or are healing from an illness
  • Going through a crisis
  • Feeling tired, and need a natural energy booster
  • Repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns over and over
  • The overworked/underappreciated parent of school-age kids or teens
  • The, and I mean THE voice of your business or a solo-entrepreneur

What If You Could...

  • Snap out of pretty much any funk in just 7 seconds
  • Feel stronger, healthier, happier, and have more energy
  • Have more confidence, clarity, and freedom of expression
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Did You Know...?

Did you know that we use only about 20% of our total voice and lung capacity in daily life?

No wonder we're often tired, depressed, insecure, have low energy, and a weak immune system! Imagine only using 20% of your body!

What if there's a connection between using such a small portion of our natural ability and all the major health issues we're facing today? Depression, anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease -- all are symptoms of a constricted energy!

What if, simply by using the missing 80% of our full voice and breath, we could reverse that trend?

In Sing Yourself Well you'll discover the 7 step fool-proof system how to incorporate the 7 qualities of wellness into your body, all with your voice and breath. Boost your immune system, improve your health, feel new energy and vitality, and get that confidence up presto, all in 7 Seconds.

This Wellness Training is like no other. To follow the easy, quick system you don't need to be a singer, want to become a singer, or even be musical at all!

Start to Sing Yourself Well, happier, healthier, freer, more centered, and more confident in seconds! Get started right now, and enjoy the rest of your life!

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Hi, I'm Ulrike: 

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At age 32 I faced a traumatic health crisis. Dr. Deepak Chopra told me if I wanted to heal, I had to learn to sing, speak up, and express myself! For the past 25 years, I've been singing, teaching, healing, and performing for thousands, passionately showing anyone who would listen how to use the full power of their voice—for health, happiness, vitality, energy, confidence, and the sheer joy of self expression.

With Your 2 Hour Online Video Training of Sing Yourself Well You'll:

  • Feel More Centered, Free, Joyful, and Empowered
  • Improve Your Health and Energy, and Strengthen your Immune System
  • Have More Self Confidence, Clarity, and Power of Expression
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What they're saying about Sing Yourself Well:

Christiane3"I find that Ulrike's much needed "Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds" is a new, wonderful and profound tool to open up my voice - both for singing and for positive communication in general. It allows my body to relax and open up, so that my energy can flow freely. This energizes my whole body, balances my emotions, and allows stresses to gently float away. I love it, both for my choir preparations and for my daily life! And I love that it's such a quick re-balancing tool which you can use any time, anywhere!" C.F.T., mother, singer, entrepreneur, IA, Germany

Teresa"This break through book lays out the reasons why we don't sing and why we should, and the book and video course introduces the simple, yet effective 7 second system to feeling vital, joyful and connected to the very source of your being. It doesn’t matter if you're a singer or not (I’m not), or even if you have any desire to sing - I believe everyone can benefit from this unique technique. The book’s entertaining and punchy style is very enjoyable and an easy read with easy to follow instructions (with pictures). It includes a captivating personal story of how the author not only overcomes thyroid cancer through “finding her voice”, but how, despite the challenges, she goes on to become a powerful opera singer." Teresa Mullan Frease, Health Practitioner, Z-Acu-Therapy, LMT. Austin, TX

Mark cap"This is a great book and video course for those who want to feel good quickly and easily without a lot of hard to learn, boring exercises. Ulrike uses her vast knowledge and experience to create an easily accessible way to feel better fast. She lays out why we need to use our breath, voice and body to gain maximum wellness in body and mind. Plus, the techniques are fun! Her experiences and stories are a big bonus and will probably resonate with you and inspire you to Sing Yourself Well." M.S., Government Employee, Public Servant, IA

Shannon5“I have a smile on my face and feel really grounded. The tools in Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds get me feeling so good. They're fabulous for singing, acting, communication, and total life style.” Shannon M., Yoga Instructor, Registered Nurse, N.Y. City

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What's Included in Your 2 Hour Online Video Training When You Get Started Today:

  • Video: Welcome! Introduction to Sing Yourself Well
  • Videos 1-7: The unique 7 Step Signature System of Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds
  • Videos 8-10: 3 Vital Bonuses: How to Love Yourself. Intuition 101. Feel it & Heal it
  • Video: Congratulations on Your Graduation! Bonus Points. Plus: Test Yourself right Now
  • Invitation to a Personal Power Session
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