“Why do you advocate warming up your voice high to low? Instead of the traditional low to high?”


Very good question.

Here’s the thing. When you wake up in the morning, what is easier? Climbing a mountain, or sliding down a hill, either with a water slide or a sled in winter?

Yes! Of course.

Gravity. Why not let gravity do its job for you?

Also, remember the step right before the warming up? Right, the openness of your YAWN. When you yawn, you lift in the back, and very naturally you want to make a sighing sound, when you’re that relaxed, right?

The sigh will almost always be from high to low.

There you go. For clarification, I madeĀ a video about it, since others may benefit from the answer.




So, there you have it. My reasons for encouraging you to warm up your voice high to low. Enjoy, be well, and sing yourself well!

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