Q&A: What Type of Song Should I Sing?

Question: What Type of Song Should I Sing?

Answer: When deciding what to sing, ask yourself:

  1. What music do you LOVE? As in, if you don’t sing it, a part of you is missing. As in, when you DO sing it, your whole being comes alive. Doesn’t matter, which key it is in. You can always adjust the range to where you’re more comfortable. Oh yes, and, when you do sing it, your throat doesn’t hurt. Which brings me to number 2:
  2. Make sure you use proper breath support, so your throat can stay relaxed and open. Judging from listening to the majority of singers, that’s the one thing I’d recommend learning from the ground up. Your whole body has to be involved, rather than just from the neck up. A mistake many of us make, sadly. Too often it is drummed out of us at an early age to use our full voice, meaning our entire body and being. The result? We stop feeling and living holistically, or incarnating into our whole body.
  3. Look for a good, intuitive teacher who can teach you how to sing pretty much anything you want, once you learned proper technique. This could take a few lessons, or a few years, depending how seriously you NEED to sing. Just like when you go to the restaurant you first look over the entire menu before choosing, in the same way you learn proper technique first, so you have the freedom of choosing what you really want to end up singing. And that may not be what you think you can sing now.

As always, I wish you all the best, have fun, and sing yourself well!

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