“Can You Tell a Lot About a Person from Her/His Voice?”


You know what I’m going to say.

Yes, of course: You can tell a lot from a person’s voice.

Now, this may not be common knowledge yet, but your voice tells a lot about who you are, how you’re feeling —about yourself or others—, where you have a hang-up or two, whether you’re shy or arrogant, or well meaning, or in love, or feeling under pressure… anything. You can tell, just by tuning into a person’s voice.

I can almost always tell where a person might have a constriction that influences their whole experience and enjoyment of their life.

Then, luckily, we can correct how you’re showing up, or feeling, from there, from your voice.

Turns out, not only is your voice a tell tale sign of where you’re at. You can also correct (if that’s what you want) where you’re at, by attending to your voice.

So let your voice get you where you REALLY want to be. As a person, authentically engaged in your life. That way, when people are trying to find out something about you, your voice will tell the story you want them to hear.

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