“I’m currently learning how to sing opera and I’m told I have a high-pitched voice. Is that related to height? And are most people my size/height likely to have high pitch? Or is it just happenstance?”


Good for you. And yes, that’s a good question.

To be clear upfront: I have not done research on this.

My observation, however, is that most coloratura sopranos singing the Queen of the Night, for example, are indeed of a smaller stature. High notes and smaller body in my observation often go hand in hand.

It does make some sense. After all, a piccolo flute has a higher pitch, than say, a bass, right?

More volume, bigger, deeper tones. Smaller spaces, higher tones.

But I would have to do research, to say this with any certainty. Again these are my observations.

Also: My personal experience: When I was 4 years old I sang the Queen of the Night aria routinely, no biggie.

Once I was an adult, however, I had to kiss it good-bye. Sniff. At 5′11″ I can at most produce a decent, full C6, and attempt a D6. But the now elusive high F is forever a thing of the past.

So, enjoy that body of yours. It is your instrument this time around. Whatever your size, whatever your range, don’t compare yourself too much. Just sing what YOU want to sing, and enjoy how it feels—and makes others feel!

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