Answer: YES!

Case in point: 20 years ago I had no high voice. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I had my speaking chest voice, and a few weak middle head voice notes, separated by a clunker of a break. After that, my voice came to a (literally) screeching halt.

When I had a major health crisis, Deepak Chopra told me, if I wanted to heal, I had to learn to sing, speak up, and express myself.

I listened to hundreds of opera singers (I hated opera at the time), watched how they moved, stood, their facial expression, stance, and any minute changes. I tuned in, observed, practiced, took voice lessons with a good teacher, and sang with my full body, rather than with my throat.

And voila! I successfully performed for almost 10,000 people, and have been teaching what I learned, in super effective baby steps, for singers and non-singers alike, ever since.

So: Find that really good, CLASSICALLY trained voice teacher or healing voice expert, and learn to trust your body. We all have a full voice. Rather than the small range we are used to, most of us have about 25 notes!

Short answer to your question:

YES! But it is crucial you use classical training. You don’t have to love it or even like to sing that way. But you want to learn how to use your full body, breath, and voice in a most effortless way, and never, ever push.

Good luck and enjoy!