How Do I Know If I’m Warming Up My Singing Voice Correctly?

Generally, if it doesn’t hurt anywhere in your body, is effortless in the right parts, and generally gets you going, extending your range and ironing out creases throughout your voice, then you’re probably safe.

However, there are some guidelines, which, if you follow them, will get you singing well faster:

  1. Make sure you warm up while standing, with your whole body. If you warm up sitting down, there is a good chance, you’ll put too much pressure on your throat, because your body isn’t able to support your breath from underneath. Support your breath with your whole body!
  2. Engage your core—your abdominals and intercostal muscles. Only when you are really strong in your power chakra—tummy area—can your throat feel relaxed enough to open up. And you need an open throat. Think of a balloon. When it’s inflated, the sides don’t touch, right? But deflated the sides rub together. You don’t want that for your throat. That’s how you get hoarse.
  3. Start with a big yawn, lifting behind the upper molars, and then from there, slide down with your voice effortlessly from high to low. That is generally safer than the “traditional” low to high. Watch my video for details here. Once you warmed up high to low and your support is engaged, feel free to follow the exercise I teach here.

Hope this helps. Enjoy! And Sing Yourself Well.



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