I hear you.

All right, so almost everyone I know HATES warm ups. They are boring, tedious, un-fun, and generally a total nuisance, and most of us wish they’d just go away FOREVER.

That being said, imagine getting up in the morning, still in your pj’s, and you run out the door and keep going for 5 miles. No water, breakfast, no shower, no grooming, no stretching—just swing your legs out of bed and off you go.

How happy do you think your body would be? How long could you last, before you fall down from either exhaustion, dehydration, or intense muscle cramps?

There. Now I’ve created a little bit more willingness, understanding and therefore openness for at least the POSSIBILITY of an attempt at warm ups, right? 🙂

I used to NEVER, EVER do any “official” warm ups, ever. Whatever anyone told me just made no sense for my body and my voice. None. It felt strained, unhealthy, and unhelpful. scales especially… My body was going.. “wtf is that torture supposed to be good for?”

So, I just settled into my body and asked it what would feel GOOD. And it answered me back: “CARMEN’S HABANERA!!!!” My body just loves the way it glides down like a siren, is gentle, legato, sensuous, and, I might add FUN!

Tadaa… I had created my OWN warm up.

So, I strongly (clearly) suggest warming up your voice.

But that simply means:

  1. adjusting your posture (straight in a flexible way)
  2. opening your resonances (yawning is essential)
  3. making sure your motor is working (breath support)

There you go. Not so hard, is it? I have a fool proof system I developed specifically for that in my online course, if you want to check it out. Otherwise, just have fun.

Listen to what YOU want to sing, a song that is already in your body and wants to come out. Sing it easily, put your body underneath it, and off you go, the three of you. You, your body, and your voice, which are really one and the same. 🙂

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