Q&A: How Can I Sing Without My Voice Getting Tired?


“It seems whenever I don’t sing for a few days, when I begin singing, it’s effortless. However after singing for about 10 or more minutes I notice I’m feeling fatigued, sing lazily and strain my voice. Plus my singing voice is still sub-par the next day. Is it because I don’t do warm ups, or sing incorrectly?”

My Answer:

This is very common. So thank you from all of us singers for addressing this.

Whenever your voice has rested for a while, it is indeed almost magical how effortless it SEEMS to function. Like a car, after an oil change. Or like when feeling rested after a good night’s sleep, the day is happier, and you get more done.

This is where it gets tricky, ahem…

The tendency is then to just keep on drawing on that rest, on that good feeling, without replenishing it.

But replenishing it you MUST. Replenishing this good feeling to keep it going in regard to your voice means the following.

  1. Whenever you make ANY sound, whether as much as hum, more so when you actually open your mouth and sing out loud: You Must make sure your body is ready for this. Not just your vocal cords, or your impulse. Your Body. After all, your voice IS your body. That means you must get “underneath” it, support your voice from the inside out, your tummy muscles, diaphragm, feet planted, the whole deal.
  2. When that, your “motor” works, the throat feels supported and can open. And open it must, in order for there to be no constriction of any kind, no catching, scratching, tightening, or pushing. The throat is open as it is in the beginning of a yawn. Feel that. Practice that. Commit that feeling to your muscle memory.
  3. Then when both, the motor and the openness are doing their part, then only let your sound emerge. Gently from within, with your full awareness. Yes, it will become more automatic. But you have to pay attention first. Like learning to ride a bike. Sure, you can just grab one now and get on and you’re off, without thinking. But when you first learned, you better have paid attention, or you wouldn’t get to where you are now.

Makes sense?

I wish you all the best on your endeavors. And as always, Sing Yourself Well!

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