Hi! How are you?!

It’s been a while. Yes, I’ve been singing and yes, I’m still teaching voice every week.

But… I’VE ALSO BEEN PAINTING this past year!

And just so you have exactly ZERO illusions about what painting is REALLY like, I wrote down a few thoughts:

Oh yay, canvas ready, paints ready, water ready, brushes ready, yay. ….. Hmmmm…. what should I paint… Oh this is fun…. So spontaneous… Intuitive. Wow, cool. I wonder what happens if I… On no… shit…. darn… Didn’t mean to do THAT… Oh well, I’ll just put some white over it… See? Coolio. Now then… Lalalalala…. oh this is fun… I’m pretty good at this… Wow…. Amazing really. I didn’t try to do anything and it’s so cool. Post on social media. Wow, people liked it. It was so easy, effortless, spontaneous, intuitive. Maybe I could create several like this. Then maybe even sell them. Ha. Easy-peasy. Who knew being an artist was so easy, haha.

Okay then… Canvas ready, paints, ready, water, ready, brushes ready, yay. … … How the fuck did I start last time? Oh those transparent colors, right. Well, don’t feel like those today. Try different ones? Yeah sure, being spontaneous was key last time, haha. Oops, those make brown. Oh well. White to the rescue. Aaaarrgh. Why is this so hard this time around??!? It was so easy-peasy last time. It just flowed. Now I can’t even remember what I did. Aaaak. Paint over. Start over? Naahh. … Isn’t there still a piece of cake in the fridge?? Oh, even two. And I think FRIENDS is on. Aaaahhh…

But why? WHY did I suck today?! Oh well, time for meditation…

Peace at last. 

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