Congratulations! Here it is: The beginning of a whole New Year. A whole new opportunity to manifest your life the way you want. A whole new chance to be present even now with what already IS.

Time to take a deep breath and feel where you’re at, what it is you want out of our life, and how else we can expand and fulfill our soul’s “mission”.

Because a mission it is, after all.

Divine could have just said, well, who cares, I’m happy just being by myself — no worries, no concerns, just simplicity and ease.

But Divine was lonely. So it decided to manifest and come out to play. ­čÖé

We are it! You are it. You are Divine incarnate playing and exploring your true nature.

In Divine there is no room for playing small, for feeling lonely, for feeling insecure, afraid, or angry.

Whenever we experience those emotions we now that it is Divine playing, that’s all.

To remember who we really are, underneath all the drama, we need our body, our breath, and our voice.

We need to learn how to use these tools we’ve been given in order to stay balanced, discern truth from fiction, and to powerfully live what we came here to live.

In these days of reflection I invite you to take charge of your life, your body/instrument, and your voice. Find your inner voice, and express your outer voice. For your own Highest Good and for the Highest Good of our whole planet.

Take care, and Sing Yourself Well!

~ Ulrike

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