This is the second part of the previous article and video where I showed you how to put the mind to the side, and go into the body and dissolve in your body where you are feeling the tension or the stress, rather than going over and over in your head about the problem you’re experiencing.

When you have found, with the little elevator exercise I showed you – closing your eyes and just going down and feeling where in the body is the tension. Once you’ve found that place, you’re putting your attention there, you’re feeling it getting warm and you’re giving it all your love, you can then use your breath to dissolve it even more quickly.

With your eyes closed or open — it doesn’t really matter — breathe in through your nose really gently – just a normal breath, no hyperventilating, no taking an extra deep breath. When people say deep breaths sometimes one understands to mean a lot of breath. It just means low in the body.

So breathe through your nose, breathe in, and when you breathe in, envision and know that you are breathing in Divine light.

You are breathing in Divine light whether you are aware of it or not.

But when you make yourself aware of it, it has the power of attention on it. And we know wherever we put our attention that grows stronger, right? So breathe in Divine light through your nose really easily, and breathe it into the area of concern and the area where  you’re feeling the stress or the tension or the hurt or the tightness. And as you are exhaling feel as if you’re relaxing into the Divine hammock, as I call it. Just go aaahh.

Feel as if you’re going all floppy in that area. It’s a very sweet, very relaxing feeling. Rather than thinking and breathing in Divine light and when you exhale the stress is gone, or exhaling the stress — which is a little bit of a negative emphasis — think and feel in your body: “breathe in Divine light and then on the exhale you relax into the Divine hammock.”

You get to relax into Divine which is all there is, which is your true Nature, right? It’s not the nature of the stresses, it’s your Divine Nature. So you’re just relaxing into that and let yourself fall into that, let that area relax into the Divine hammock.

In the interchange between the inhale and the exhale, and again between the exhale and inhale is when all manifesting and all di-manifesting happens.

So when you have your attention on that little tiny gap between inhale – and then there’s a little stop – and then you exhale and let yourself be all floppy, in that moment when you want to dissolve something, with your attention it will be dissolved in that moment. In that moment of stillness. When you want to create something, when you want to manifest something, something good for you and the highest good – always in the highest good for you – you can use the same technique for manifesting in that gap with your attention with your intention on it.

If you want something you inhale, you breathe in Divine light, and then simply by having your awareness on your desire what you would like to manifest, in the gap between inhale and exhale is when the switch happens, when the manifestation happens, and then on the exhale you surrender. That is basically the equivalent of “Let Thy will be done, because you know best.” You give it up to a higher power, which happens to be yourself, but not your small self your big Self. So breathe in Divine light, go to the area of concern, feel with your intention that you want to dissolve it, and on the exhale you relax into the Divine hammock, ready to catch you at all times, always there, always available.

I hope this was helpful.

Combine it with the previous tip where I explain more about how to feel in the body what the mind is going through, and then use this extra technique of the breath to give it even more power, dissolving power or manifesting power.

All right, I’ll be back very soon. Enjoy and pass it on to a friend, especially if they’re going through a hard time. Please pass them on, all these tips. You can subscribe to my newsletter. Go to my website and just get on the mailing list. Every couple of weeks you’ll get a new tip, a new video, a new healing tip, and please pass it on to your friends. <3


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