When was the last time you felt absolutely stuck with something in your head, going around in circles and in circles, mulling over it, discussing it inside yourself, rehashing, trying to figure out what you could have done differently, and why didn’t you, and you’re getting into a knot and it’s just getting worse? Next time this happens to you please use this method:

Get out of your head! And how? By getting into your body.

Whenever you’re having thoughts that are really intense and don’t seem to go away – as a matter of fact they may get worse, say to your mind this: “Thank you very much for bringing my attention to this problem. Now, if you wouldn’t mind I will put you over here, while I deal with it. And when I need you again, I will consult you.”

And then you do this: You close your eyes and you feel in your body the corresponding place of those thoughts, of those emotions. There will be one. There always is a correlation between the quality of your thoughts — which are an energy — and the quality of your body. In the same way that we discussed how important it is to be straight in our body, because when you are forward sometimes you worry, when you’re backward you’re sort of distrustful — the body will tell you how you’re feeling and vice versa!

In the same way when you’re thinking about a problem, feeling a worry or whatever, the body will feel it too!

So you go to the body, close your eyes, and go as if with an elevator inside. Close your eyes and go back into your body, down the middle of your body with your attention, almost with your eyes, too. Just feel out where in your body is this that you’re feeling, where are those thoughts, where is that worry, where is that anxiety, where is that sadness, where’s that anger? Go there, and be there with your attention.

And when you find that spot – you’ll notice, you will feel it – stay there. Stay there with your attention and give it your full attention, and relax the area where you’re feeling the stress. Feel as if in that area it gets so warm, and so soft, like butter melting in the Sun. Feel as if all the molecules in that area — that was before really tense, and just wasn’t gonna let go, and was gonna make you rehash it in your head forever — feel how that suddenly relaxes and softens, and all the molecules as if expand.

It’s as if, my son says: “Dissolve it into sparkles.” Like sparkles, like little fairies flitting away from each other in laughter, further and further away. In that area of stress, of tightness, with your attention you can solve and dissolve that discomfort.

And guess what happens in your mind? These thoughts will become less and less, because you went to the source.

All stress is stored in the body, and when you dissolve it in your body, your mind cannot help but have a different quality of thoughts. Maybe for a while the mind goes: “well I don’t know about that, I think it’s still there,” and it will scan, it will search, and you can hone in on that problem, and you can start all over again.

But even if that happens, it will be much less. Just tell the mind: “no, timeout, I got this, I got this, I’m going to dissolve it in the body.” And the quality of your thoughts will change. Maybe not for a while, but if you stay with the body and give it your attention and feel it getting warm – you can even place your hand over it — for example the tummy or the lower abdomen or the heart or wherever it is — you can place your hands over it and you can even massage it a little bit, either just rubbing it or just holding it, maybe even hovering it over your body, over that area, or just placing it on, and maybe kneading it. Just to get into the body and put your attention where in the body those thoughts originate, those emotions, those worries, or whatever it is, and then feel how it gets warm and how it dissolves, and how it expands that area. As if a tight knot suddenly goes: “oh, I don’t need to do that, I can relax.”

And you will notice when you’re done with that, when the quality of your thoughts change. When instead of the same kind over and over and over, suddenly you have different thoughts, maybe simple thoughts, like: “oh I have to go to the dry cleaner pick up my stuff, or pick up my son from school, or make lunch, or oh I’m cold, I better get something, you know, to put on me.”

Any thought like that indicates to you: you’re done. This problem is no longer on the radar, in your body, on the front of your list. It is gone, you dissolved it in your body.

Next time you have a worry, a fear, an anger, an emotion, a thought pattern, something just seems to just grab you and keep you and wants you to rehash it, and what if, and: “but he said this… and…” –just go: “oh right, right, body! It’s got to be somewhere. Okay, mind, over here,” put it to the side. “I’ll get back to you when I’m done with this, you can help me again with some other more important things,” – you can trick it a little bit – and you go to the body, close your eyes, and you go with the elevator, you go down and feel where is it, go down the middle of the body, where is it, in the throat, is it in the chest, is it in the tummy, upper tummy, lower, middle, abdomen, where is it?

And when you found it, go there with your attention, stay there easily, give it love, give it your attention and dissolve it from there. I’ll share a second tip that goes with this one, right after this one. I don’t want to make it too long. I hope this helped and I will see you in just a little bit.

Lots of Love. And Sing Yourself Well! 🙂

Ready for Part 2? Here it is!