In my work with healing voice students of all ages, I help many people every day to deal with – mostly – emotional issues.

In order to be healthy and happy in our life and relationships, we have to re-build, clean, and play our physical body-instrument, energetically, with our breath and the frequencies of our own voice (See video below).

After all, our human voice is the world’s oldest original (healing) instrument.

The method I find to be most effective in facilitating self-healing for my clients is of course meditating Transcendental Meditation (TM) in order to transcend; and whenever that is not possible: feel the body.

Every thought pattern and every emotion has a corresponding source area in the body.

Whenever you feel a constricted energy, like a thought pattern that leads nowhere at best, and down-spirals you at worst, or an overwhelming emotion that has you in its clutches, and wants to drag you down, use this method!

Maharishi says: To save the psychology, don’t go into the story.

Whenever we recall a certain story, what happened, and repeat it and tell it over and over, or want to “come to terms with it” in our heads, we just make the groove deeper!

Instead: Feel in the body where that thought pattern, that emotion arises, where its source lies.

For that, you can use your inquisitive mind to go down inside your body, as if with a virtual elevator, and scan as to where it wants to get stuck. Where is that thought pattern, that emotion located?

Is it a choking feeling in the throat, because you’ve suppressed your tears for too long? A heavy sad feeling in the heart? Grieving in the lungs? Anxiety in the upper tummy? Rage in the pit of the tummy? Gripping survival fear in the root chakra? Anything else anywhere else?

Don’t analyze. Just feel where the source is.

You will find it. There’s always a physical correspondence to any emotion or thought pattern.

Find it. And then?

Be there.

You, the infinite unbounded bliss consciousness, pure love, can easily afford to lend your attention to that spot which for some reason feels that it is “other,” in pain, and all knotted up.

We all have had experiences which happened at a time when we weren’t allowed to fully process them, by either feeling sad, feeling loss, feeling rejected, unloved, or simply separate.

Pretty much all hurt feelings and “negative” emotions come from a version of that first forgetting of our underlying unity with all. That sense of separation.

In order to re-establish Unity, we have to transcend. We do this easily by practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM), and then take it from there: Simply meditate and act.

And whenever that innocent process is interrupted, we simply are present on the level of the body until the hard knots in the body, where we feel the pain, melt like butter in the sun. We’ll know when they’ve dissolved when we have different thoughts.

Then it’s time to return to our normal activity.

BONUS: If you want to do something extra when feeling the body, you could gently hum the appropriate vowel sound for that area.

That means: feel where the pain is in the body and then be there with both, your attention, and the gentle vibration of your hum of that particular vowel.

The picture above shows which vowel goes with which area of your body.

And here’s again the short video explaining the different sounds:

Enjoy self-healing, and Sing Yourself Well!