Not sure you’ve ever considered yourself a Cosmic creator.

I certainly hadn’t!

Most of us think of ourselves as a localized identity. A person who has joys and sorrows, ups and downs. We feel we’re someone who wants to make a difference in the world, sharing what only we can share. Yet we often feel overpowered by any or all of the following:

Lack of inspiration

Fatigue or burn out

Low energy, or even depression

Performance anxiety

Self doubt, or perfectionism

Insecurity, and lack of self-confidence

Fear of failure

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!

But here’s a thought: What if this whole creative thing isn’t about us, about our small individual ego?

What if we’re here for the Greater Good of all? What if we’re the perfect instrument in the symphony of the Universe, contributing exactly what we’re supposed to at any given moment? What if we’re all one GINORMEOUS organism, infinitely linked, everyone affecting everyone else?

Then how do you suddenly feel?

Do you suddenly KNOW you have something special to offer? Do you know that you’re the unique part of the whole who has what ONLY YOU can contribute, however small, however minor it may seem to you at times?

Now how do you feel?

Is what you have to offer suddenly motivation enough to open up the plugs of your fountain, and for your creativity and self-confidence to rush forth without inhibition?

When we get out of our own way, with all our limitations and constrictions, we often find that all that creative reservoir is RIGHT THERE, within reach and just impatient to show itself to the world.

That’s the state you can be in. That is what I call our job as the Cosmic Creators we truly are.

But how do you get there? How do you “make yourself” be in a state of selfless, fearless, overflowing fullness of Self, contributing to the whole of the Universe? No pressure, but that’s a pretty tall order.

How do you play your unique instrument, and contribute exactly your part to the whole symphony?

In order to participate in the Cosmic Symphony and be the cosmic creator you already are at your core, we have to build our instrument the way it was intended, and the way it can play the most celestial music.

There are three steps to building and playing ANY instrument:

1) Design it symmetrically 2) create space and resonance 3) tune it.

Likewise, there are three steps for you to build your unique instrument in order to flow Divine intention right out of you into the world. Spontaneously, without all the hang-ups mentioned previously.

These three simple steps can get you out of the never-ending storm of inadequacy, and into the eye of the storm, where it is calm, serene, and full of latent energy. The storm never stops, but if we can be in the eye of it, we’re safe, relaxed, at peace, and full of creativity and Divine Guidance.

The whole Universe is made of frequencies.

Quantum physics has proven that the whole Universe, the Unified Field, consists of sound and light frequencies.

And guess what? We all have with us at all times the world’s oldest instrument, a healing instrument that is capable of creating healing sound frequencies: Our body and voice!

Your voice is not just a tool for communication or performance!

Most of us think of our voice as a communication tool first and foremost. Second, maybe as a performance tool, to please others or be judged by others.

But how many of us grew up knowing and thinking of our voice as a tool for self healing? As the world’s oldest (healing) instrument at that?!

I know I didn’t.

I had no idea, until at age 32 I had developed a health problem and stood in Deepak Chopra’s office, where he told me: If you want to heal, you have to learn to sing, speak up, and express yourself.

I learned to sing, and my life was never the same. Now I teach everyone how to use their voice for healing, and as the tool for knowing who you are, where you live, how to be centered, and be Divinely guided pretty much all the time.

All we have to do is learn how to use this tool, and attune our instrument to the Cosmos, in order to become the cosmic singer creator we already are!

So here we go:

1) Design your instrument symmetrically:

Your body is the natural antenna between Divine and Earth.

So build your instrument straight, symmetrical and self-referral!

Check in with yourself right now: What position is your body in? Are you leaning back? Hunching forward? Sitting straight?

When we lean forward or hunch, our spine curves and our head hangs forward. Our body leans down, and the message our brain gets is that we’re literally feeling “down.” So what does our ever helpful brain do? It gives us actual reasons to feel down, and will offer up all kinds of thoughts and emotions that make us feel even worse! Even if previously we were feeling pretty good, the mere fact that we’re hunching or leaning forward, for example over our computer, is often enough to cause down-spiraling emotions and thoughts.

On the other hand, when we lean back, as in “relaxing,” we can sometimes feel as if we don’t care, are bored, tired, hopeless, or ready to give up. All just because we’re leaning backwards. Plus our neck will be crooked trying to balance the backwards leaning position. Again, not good!

So, what do both scenarios have in common?

In both cases we are literally and figuratively “off our center!”

The cure? Straighten up!

Our human bodies are the vertical connection between Heaven and Earth.

Unlike animal bodies – which are mostly horizontally oriented, closer to the earth, and more instinctual – our human bodies are like an antenna connecting Divine with Earth.

Did you ever look at pictures of saints or gurus? How many slouch? And how many of them sit or stand straight? I rest my case.

So, when you stand, feel as if lifted from the top of the back of your head to the Heavens, like a marionette, with the chin slightly tucked. Stay in that space, even when interacting or talking with someone a different height than yours. If you’re sitting, you want to have a right angle between your torso and thighs, as if you’re sitting on a deck or a dock, legs dangling. The added plus of that alignment is that in your life span you’ll be taller longer, since your vertebrae are further away from each other, and your discs have more “room to breathe.” (Otherwise, often gravity, time, and life experiences can make us stoop.)

In that centered, aligned space you’re connected with your Highest Guidance. In that space you’re the unique antenna between Divine and Earth. In that space is where all the potential of your unique creativity and self-expression lies. You can feel it, can’t you? And it’s always there. But if we’re busy being mopey, hunched forward, leaning backwards, or otherwise “in our story,” we literally can’t “hear” this Divine Guidance!

2) Create space and resonance: You are Infinite. So build your instrument huge, and breathe in the Infinity you actually already are!

Maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now and have some experience of your own infinity, pure consciousness, bliss, or whatever wonderful state you’ve experienced as being your own Self. But then, what do we do? We go back into activity and forget all about it! We say things like: “Oh I can’t do that, I’m always like this, I’ve always done that, I can never do this…”

Sound familiar? What the heck? Didn’t we JUST a moment ago experience ourselves as Infinite? Instead, we collapse, and allow our energy to be constricted in so many ways, every single day.

The solution? Train the muscle memory in your body to manifest that ultimate Truth of you being Infinity.


Have you ever seen or even played a guitar, bass, violin, or cello? They’re curved like a human body, with two major areas of space and resonance.

Likewise, in your body there are two areas you’re able to expand and create space in, from the inside out: 1) your lungs/ribs, and 2) your throat.

Here’s how to create space in your instrument:

How to create space in your lungs/ribs:

Take a normal breath through your nose, breathing in your Infinity and Divine Light, and allow your lungs to inflate all around like an inner tube.

Pay special attention to your rib cage, which you want to keep OFF your lungs as much as humanly possible.

You see, when we were kids, our lungs had so much more freedom, space, and room to expand. We played, screamed, sang, pretended, and generally gave our lungs a pretty good work out on a daily basis.

During our life time with all the (often crushing) life experiences, the passage of time, and the dubious pleasure of the force of gravity, more often than not our rib cage falls back down on top of our lungs with every exhale.

By lifting your rib cage off your lungs, you’ll allow your lungs to inflate more, which results in greater lung capacity over time, better immune system, a more playful feeling in your body, and possibly greater life expectancy.

Even right now it can give you a feeling of freedom, space, and power.

To get a feeling for this sensation, simply pretend you’re a body builder. Stick out your rib cage and strut around the room, puffing yourself up all self-important. Do this on the inhale, AND during the exhale.

Here’s how to create space and freedom in your throat:

What do we do when we’re tired, hungry, or need oxygen?

Right. We yawn. Yawning is a great way to create space in your throat chakra, the center of self-expression.

As kids many of us remember feeling much freer than we do now. But soon we were told: “Shut up, be quiet, not so loud, keep your voice down, you can’t sing, you sing off key.”

So what did we do? We shut up. We constrict our energy to conform in order to be loved.

The throat is the vital center of self expression, and the connection between heart and mind! When we’re blocked there – and many of us are – the energy cannot flow, which in turn may create health problems down the line, as was the case in my life.

So please, do yourself a favor, open up and yawn!

If you’ve ever watched opera singers, they always look as if they’re full of themselves – see above body-builder-related point – and as if they’re yawning, or really happy to see you!

Of course we are. But in reality, we’re preparing to open our resonances to create space for all the beautiful notes to flit around our body, before they finally, un-mic’ed, escape into the auditorium to the delight of the audience!

(No worries, no need to become an opera singer. Just like we don’t need to become Olympic athletes in order to exercise, run, or dance! But we do need to learn how to use our body/breath/voice like an opera singer, for our health and happiness!)

By the way, it’s the beginning of the yawn you want to imitate and commit to muscle memory! In the beginning of the yawn there’s the most stretch, ergo space and freedom: The uvula is up, your apple cheeks go up, and your larynx is down. That is the space you want to create.

Breathing in now you inflate your lungs, lift your rib cage off your lungs and lift your apple cheeks and yawn, all in one breath. Then pause, before you exhale, ideally while keeping your rib cage off your lungs a bit longer.

This is what creates this sensation of power, invincibility, space, and freedom for you to create your life from.

So now you’ve built your instrument straight and aligned, as well as open and full of space and your own Infinity.

3) Now, finally, it’s time to tune and play your instrument!

What do we naturally do when we yawn, and no one is around to judge us for it? Right. We make a sound! We put a sound into the space we created, usually from high to low. It feels great, and is so relaxing!

All we have to do is to optimize this natural tendency.

You see, in daily life most of us use only about five or six notes of the total range of our vocal vocabulary. Most of us, however, have 25 notes available in our instrument! So all we’re using most of the time is one fifth of our capacity! Isn’t that astounding?

Here’s the thing: Every note in our range has a certain frequency. Every frequency resonates in a certain part of our body, enlivening that part. Imagine only ever enlivening one part of your body. That would be like stretching only in your arms, never in your legs, or strengthening your back!

Using our full range even a few seconds a day enlivens, connects, and therefore heals your whole body.

The high notes resonate towards the top of the head with our connection to Divine, our intuition, intellect and mind. The middle notes resonate in the upper torso area, in our chakra of self expression in the throat, and in our heart. The lower notes resonate towards the lower parts of our torso, our power chakra, center of creativity, and our vital connection with Earth.

You can see how frictionless communication between all the different parts of your body could come in handy when creating every moment of your life, and especially when creating your next relationship, career, trip, concert, or artistic masterpiece.

So how to accomplish this?

It’s so very simple: Be aligned and in your center, inflate your lungs, lift your cheeks and have that smirky pre-yawning feeling of expansion, and then pause for a second.

Keeping “all” the air in your body, pretend not to exhale at all, but stay filled with breath, which I equate with Being. Then gently hum in the front of your face from high to low. From as high as you can go to as low as you can go, in one fell swoop. (Of course you want to feel comfortable, use your common sense, and please do breathe when you need to!)

I liken it to climbing a steep hill (breathing in and lifting both cheeks, uvula, and rib cage off your lungs), and then sledding down that snowy mountain. All while you ARE the mountain, never getting smaller, just because you sled down.

This is how you enliven as many frequencies and flavors of the whole Universe in your body with your own voice and Prana.

In this aligned, expanded and attuned state we can now FEEL Divine Guidance. We got out of our own way and are able to be a celestial instrument to play the music of the Divine on Earth, through our unique nervous system, karma, dharma, skills, and joy.

You may use this set-up even to hone your Intuition:

In a moment of confusion, use these simple three steps to gain clarity: Align, expand, and tune, so your whole body is enlivened, and then ask yourself whatever you need for clarity. For example: “Is this ___ in my Highest Good?”

If your body leans forward, gets warm, feels light and open, as if going towards your option, then this is a YES for you.

If, on the other hand, your body moves backward a bit, closes down, feels heavy and cold, then whatever you asked is a NO for you.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

In moments when you start to strain, feel desperate, or feel lost as to what to do, and how to do it, and create, align yourself with Heaven and Earth, expand your instrument to “Infinity,” and then play your instrument in your whole range, from high to low, enlivening all the vocal and therefore emotional vocabulary so unique to you, for the full expression of who you are and are supposed to be.

The world is waiting for your creation.