Your ‘potential’ is what you could be if you weren’t being who you are.” Blossom Benedict


Thought judgment was always negative? Nope.

Were you ever told – or told yourself:

“Not so loud,” “you sing off key,” “be quiet,” “you sing sharp,” “I can’t hold a key?”


“Wow, you sound great,” “what a great voice,” “you should sing alto,” “you should be a performer,” “I wish I could do that?”

Notice something about BOTH scenarios?

Yes. Exactly. BOTH are NOT who you are, where you’re at, what you’re doing.

Both are judgments. Both are talking about a theoretical you, a potential you, a maybe you.

When you truly live in the NOW, you’re exactly who you are. You then allow yourself and others to be who they are. Without labeling yourself or others.

That’s challenging, for sure, and yet it’s the only way to be authentic, and to leave open all possibilities that are you!

To get into the Now, your body, breath, and voice can help you. As a matter of fact, you can’t really get into the Now without any of them.

  • Your body is the temple you use to move around and experience life.
  • Your breath is the connection between your soul and your body. And a vital one at that. Want to know how vital? Try not breathing and you’ll know.
  • Your voice is the instrument to not only express yourself fully, but also to heal yourself. The vibrations/frequencies – enlivened the right way – of your own voice are the perfect healing tool for you!

Once you learn how to use your body, breath, and voice the right way, you’ll be able to tune into your own inner center and express that to the world in the most effortless and enjoyable way.

Then no matter what others say, whether they pass positive or negative judgment, you’ll know that it’s their own projection, and has nothing to do with you. Why? Because you’ll know who you are. From the inside out. You’ll experience it in your own body and awareness, powerfully, deeply, and in the most real way possible.

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