When I was 18 I auditioned for the Musikhochschule in Munich. I had always liked singing operas, and played piano in concerts starting age 4. As a 4th generation classical musician and singer I wanted to see where this love for music was taking me.

I had prepared an aria in my range, somewhat high. The professor interrupted me after a few notes, and instead asked me to sing a scale in my mid range.

I struggled.

After a few notes she interrupted me. She said I’m too old to start learning to sing classical technique, and that it was too late, and I would never amount to anything.

I was 18!

Needless to say, I shut up.

I never sang again.


At age 32 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Deepak Chopra told me that my throat chakra was completely blocked. Too many years of not speaking up, speaking my truth, expressing myself, being too quiet, shy, and introverted.

He said if I wanted to heal I had to learn to sing, speak up and express myself!

This changed my life. I did everything I could to learn to sing, heal, get over my shyness, and eventually teach.

I performed for almost 10,000, taught hundreds of private students and clients, wrote my book and developed an online course specifically designed for non-singers.

Sing Yourself Well was born!

I believe everyone deserves to use their full voice. It keeps us healthy, happy, full of energy, possibly longer lived, and hopefully disease-free!

No one has taught us that our voice is a healing instrument.

And how to use it.

Until now.