Frequently Asked Questions About Sing Yourself Well!

Over the past year, ever since publishing “Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds” I’ve been asked a lot of questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions – answered!

Hi, I’m Ulrike Selleck, healing voice expert, 4th generation classical singer and author of Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds. Welcome to this short intro to what Sing Yourself Well is and what it’s not, how it works, some of the benefits, and how you can learn it.

1) What is Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds? SYW is a simple, 7 Step System which effortlessly trains your body to manifest the 7 most vital qualities of wellness, in 7 easy steps, and all in just 7 seconds. It’s easy, it’s natural, using a gift you already have: your voice. Anyone can do it. The result? Better health, greater happiness and energy, more self confidence.

2) What is Sing Yourself Well not? SYW is not vague, it’s not complicated, or hard to learn, and definitely not just for singers.

3) For WHOM is Sing Yourself Well? SYW is for you, if you use your voice for your business. SYW is for you, if you want to be healthier. SYW is for you, if you want more self confidence. SYW is for you, if you suffer from depression, anxiety or insecurity. SYW is for you if you want to be happier and have more fulfilling relationships. (The only ones who may not need SYW are opera singers, who sing for a living. Just like Olympic athletes don’t need to go to a regular gym, opera singers may get a bye.)

4) How does Sing Yourself Well work? SYW works by allowing you to manifest the 7 vital qualities of wellness into your body with your full voice and breath, in 7 easy steps, and all in just 7 seconds. Just like we exercise, do yoga, walk, run, swim, and dance to stay in shape, we need to use our full voice and breath at least some of the time each day to stay healthy, happy, and energized

5) How do I know Sing Yourself Well works for me? SYW has worked for hundreds of people. The only people who said it didn’t work for them either a) never actually learned it properly, and/or b) didn’t practice it, and c) certainly never applied it. So: Learn it, practice it, apply it whenever you need to, and it will work!

6) What are the Benefits of Sing Yourself Well? Most of us use just 20% of our voice and breath in daily life! Learn to enliven the other 80% and gain: Stronger immune system, greater lung capacity, better health, greater happiness and clarity, the ability to snap out of a funk or mood in seconds, greater energy and stamina, less anxiety, less depression, and greater confidence.

7) How do I learn? Read the book (order below). At least the first 67 pages. This will give you a great overview and insight, and motivate you to learn, practice, and apply it. Then: Get the online course (get it below), watch it, learn it alongside me, practice it, and apply SYW whenever you need to. It will take you all but two hours of your time, and you will have this life saver for the rest of your life!

So there you have it: Your most FAQs in a nutshell. Now go, be well, and Sing Yourself Well!

More questions? Email me at [email protected]