Yes. And: Yes.

You’re welcome. 😉

But seriously: Of course some of us have talents others don’t. We are not cookie cutter versions of each other.

Rather, we are snowflakes, each with our own sets of skills, likes, dislikes, history, karma, intentions, and plans for this life.

So clearly, there will always be those of us with “better” voices, or simply the dharma, or destiny, to sing more than others.

Just like we all use our full body, even though we’re not athletes, nor intend to become one. Same with our voice: We don’t have to be or become opera singers, in order to use our full breath and voice!

We ALL have a voice. We all carry this amazing healing instrument inside of us all the time.

Problem is, we haven’t been taught how to use it, or even been informed that we all HAVE it. And that is what’s important to become aware now:

Learn how to use this tool you already have, the way it was and is designed!

There are specific ways we have to use it to make full use of it for our health, happiness, energy, and overall well-being, I teach this, and it is my specialty.

And we all have the experience that practice may not make perfect, as in an absolute. But it certainly improves whatever we started with.

So go inside, feel your own inner unboundedness, then transmit it to your breath, and express it with your voice.

You may just be amazed who you turn out to be!