Did You Ever Get Your Feelings Hurt When Singing? How To Deal With It

Oh that is so sad. Did this ever happen to you? Did you ever get your feelings hurt when singing? I know I did!

Here’s how to deal with that — my thoughts and feelings about this situation:

  1. We all have emotions and old stored patterns that, if not recognized and dissolved, will come out in a moment of tiredness, weakness, anger, or sadness, or any slew of circumstances. Whoever expresses negative sentiments towards you, or anyone: be aware that it is THEIR space they’re coming from. It may or may not have anything to do with you.
  2. You are singing. Yay! You have a voice! Yay! You even sing in tune! Yay! Put your attention on what’s good about you, your talents, your life, your circumstances, your talents, and also what’s good about any other people in your life. Can you learn something from them? Are they people you want in your life? Why? If not, how can you move away from those people with grace?
  3. We all have a voice! It’s actually our inborn instrument, and we all have it. However, most of us were not taught how to use it as the healing instrument it is. (Most of us use only 20% of our voice in daily life!) It’s healing because a) when we sing properly we use our full lung capacity, which strengthens our immune system and increases endorphins, which makes us happy. And b) we use all the tones and frequencies in our range to enliven different parts of our body, instead of just using the small range we use when speaking. Creating that kind of flow and vibration again improves our health, happiness, and energy.

So: Kudos to you, and anyone who is actively pursuing expanding your voice. Is there room for progress? You betcha. I’ve been singing and teaching opera and classical singing for 25 years now, and I learn more every day.

Hope this helps you. You’re awesome, perfect the way you are, — and now continue from there for even greater happiness, health and accomplishment! 🙂



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