Happy Friday – Venus – Day of healing, music, wisdom and the Arts!

It’s Ulrike Selleck, Healing Voice Expert, and Author of Sing Yourself Well in 7 Seconds.

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Here’s another basic tool for you to build your voice from the inside out. In this week’s post I’d like to share another observation from my voice studio: The way many of us do our breathing exercises or PRANAYAM!

Pranayam/a means literally… haha, well, several things, actually:

In the West we are used to calling it “breath control”. In the West, we are keen on the OUTCOME.

In the East, however, the PROCESS is what is valued. Therefore, the meaning of Pranayam is “Extension of Life Force”. Prana means life force, and Yama means stretching, extension, and suspension.

Even just becoming aware of how you breathe for a few moments per day can change how you feel.

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Until next Friday – Venus Day. Be Well and… Sing Yourself Well!

~ Ulrike

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