If you’ve been waiting for a great time to make some major progress or change in your life, in whatever area: This next month starting today, may just be it!

I just came across this article about a very favorable time coming up, right now:


Apparently, if there’s something you’ve been wanting to start, see finished, published, committed to… something that will make your life more wonderful, then this month is a really good time to do that.

Whether it’s

  • getting married or engaged
  • find that special person to do the above mentioned with ­čśë
  • start that new diet you wanted to make part of your life — this time in a realistic way
  • learn to take better care of yourself, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • exercise your body so you stay fit, with a routine you love and therefore stick to
  • improve your health and happiness by learning to use your full voice and breath in an easy, systematic way
  • get more energized in a natural way
  • start or finish writing that book and put those ideas down that will help others
  • sign up for college and get a degree that suits you
  • start a family (have fun) or a business

Tune into yourself, take care of yourself, do what you need to do, and just BE the glorious person you want to be.

What will I do? I’m going to release my course – finally – in this time, in the next days! Stay tune.

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