Clear out the Old – Manifest the New (Video)

 Happy New Year.  With all my heart I wish every one of you — and every being in the Universe — the most fulfilling year ever. May you effortlessly tune in to and find your reason for Being, your dharma, your unique VOICE. May you easily align with it. And may you powerfully express this dharma, or voice throughout your life. For the Highest Good of all. There’s nothing but Divine. Your soul is one of the myriads of expression of the Divine. By aligning with it, and then expressing it fully, you move the evolution of the whole cosmos forward in a very powerful way. Love, Light, Peace.

The New Year, once again, is a time to clear out the old, and manifest the new.

Wherever we put our attention is what we enliven in our life. If it’s on that wonderful feeling of freedom, ease, peace, love and abundance, then THAT’s what we manifest.

If it’s on old fears, hangups, and worries, then THAT’s what we manifest.

Nature is very simple that way.

Here’s a video I had recorded 4 years ago to help you achieve what you really want for your life.

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I’m sending you all my love, and wish you a smooth, happy easing into the next phase of your life purpose.

Release what is NOT YOU, so you can find your inner voice, express yourself to the world in a frictionless and joyful way with your outer voice, and manifest the life of our dreams.

Take care, and Sing Yourself Well!

~ Ulrike


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